Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bourdain coming to Rochester

Anthony Bourdain is coming to Rochester on November 20. The lovable bad boy of the culinary world will appear at the Auditorium Theater. The articles say that tickets are $39.50 - $49.50. And that you can get VIP tickets to go to a meet-and-greet with him for $75. And that doesn't include the astronomical fees that Ticketmaster tacks on.

What the articles don't say is what the heck he'll be doing on stage. The acts I've gone to the Auditorium to see have been plays (Les Miserables, Cats) and music acts (Squeeze, Earth Wind & Fire, Sesame Street Live).

As far as I know, Bourdain cooks, writes, and travels. I can only guess that he'll get up there and talk about cooking, writing and traveling, because I can't imagine him doing a song and dance number. And he can fill up a huge auditorium by doing this? Sheesh, that guy has a great thing going, doesn't he? Sign me up for that career, please.

I'm a Bourdain fan, but I just can't imagine shelling out $40 to sit in a huge auditorium to watch him speak. Now, if it included some frites from Les Halles (I hear they are fried in duck fat), I'd consider it.

Seriously, has anyone paid that kind of money to go see Bourdain? If so, do you recommend going?


Lisa said...

If I were closer I would be there in a minute.

Robert said...

Anthony is great but not that great! I can see my favorite jazz band for less than that and they play music.

Sue said...

I think I might shell out the $39.50, but, I agree, THAT IS REALLY high. I really regret that I waited too long to get a 30 dollar ticket to see Ina being interviewed at the food network food and wine and whatever else they're calling it festival. When I finally got around to it, IT WAS SOLD OUT! Arrrggghhh!

Sue said...

Please, don't reject my comment!!! You know, like I did to you... ;-)

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