Thursday, August 20, 2009

Top Chef Masters: I called it.

I just finished watching the finale of Top Chef Masters, and I wanted to crawl through the television and eat that food. But for cripes sake, where did the tradition of ending a meal with dessert go?

I'm glad I didn't blog throughout this series because they wouldn't have given me a whole lot of interesting material. Everyone was so professional and congenial. I am now a huge fan of Rick Bayless and Hubert Keller. They are both brilliant and seem like genuinely wonderful people. Michael Chiarello proved that he can cook at this level, even after his years of being a "TV chef," which I wouldn't have expected. It's too bad that he came across as such a jerk in last week's episode, though.

Let me just say I called it! I don't want to spoil it ... but if you want to know who won, scroll down a couple posts to my post of July 14 and read through it. At the end is my spot-on prediction. Not that I'm bragging.

Wait ... I can't help myself from a couple of musings which are spoilers so don't read further if you don't want to know...:

Could Michael's attempt at humor with the Saveur pages have cost him the title? James gave Michael a full point less than the other two judges -- could he have been slightly miffed?

What would they have done in the event of a tie? Split the prize money?

Come back next week for more pointless blatherings about the new season of Top Chef.


Lisa said...

I was so happy with the results too! Talk about great food. Roseland is my least favorite judge, actually I really don't like him too much.

Emily said...

I didn't really care for any of the judges.

I liked Michael up until the second to last episode, that that totally ruined it for me. He came off as being arrogant.

I'm so glad Rick won. And he's from Chicago!!

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