Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Tivo Tip for Top Chef Fans

I missed the first episode of Top Chef.

I thought I had my Tivo all ready to go for this season. (Have I mentioned that I love Tivo? I would go out and sell it. I love being able to watch my programs at my convenience and fast forward through all the commercials ... ironic, since I spent a huge chunk of my career working for advertising agencies.)

It was set to record "Top Chef," just like all the previous seasons. But NOOOOOO .... the folks at Bravo decided to call this season "Top Chef: Las Vegas," so my Tivo didn't pick it up. Grrrrr ... I have to wait until tonight to watch it.

So if you want to Tivo Top Chef, be sure to set it for "Top Chef: Las Vegas."

My ramblings about the first Las Vegas episode coming soon...


Lisa said...

I have to say that Top Chef Masters was so good that the Las Vegas show disappointed me a little.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads-up. I missed it too.


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