Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Top Chef Chicago - in Puerto Rico

By now I'm almost a full week after the most recent Top Chef episode, so you probably know what happened. Just a few thoughts:

- The first thing I thought about the first episode in Puerto Rico: those chef's coats hide a lot of figure flaws, because the chefs look kinda lumpy! I need to get me a chef's coat! Do you think I could pull it off as a wardrobe gimmick for the band? You've got Kiss in the makeup, one of the guys in AC/DC in the kilt ... and me singing in a chef's coat? Hmmm ... there's got to be someone who can help me rock out that look...

- How much did you want to be there, on the beach of Puerto Rico, tasting those frituras (I'm guessing that's how it's spelled) and having a cold drink? Not a bad job, if you ask me. I haven't had plaintains, but everything looked interesting. I liked Richard's idea of the plaintain chips served with salsa, but evidently it wasn't a success because he was in the bottom two. Hooray and congrats to Stephanie for her first Quick Fire win!

- At the party after the Quickfire, they show the female chefs dancing and they look awkward. Then they show Padma -- she even dances gorgeous. Sheesh. Sometimes it's hard to like her.

- On elimination challenge day, each contestant gets a whole pig to butcher. I'd wince like Antonia did. As my son says, if I had to kill my own dinner, I'd probably be a vegetarian. I'd feel bad cutting into those little piggies. And I know that's totally hypocritical.

- To give the chefs some help, out come the previously eliminated chefs. This should not surprise the contestants. This happens at some point every year. This is why you should not be an a-hole during the competition! Stephanie says she decided to put together people who would work well together. Ummmm ... maybe. The choice of Andrew with Lisa seems to be a particularly bad fit. Was she trying to play the game a bit and get rid of Lisa? Maybe.

- Her pick of Dale was interesting, because some people found him to be a challenging personality. He's clearly talented, though, and they seemed happy to be working together. And by the way, he looked cute in his glasses.

- Lisa and Antonia decided to do Puerto Rican food. Richard doesn't think that's a good idea -- "it's like playing someone else's game." I think Richard is pretty astute.

- Now that Andrew is out of the running, he's actually pretty funny and less obnoxious.

- Richard says he doesn't like Lisa. She has a bad attitude, he says, and is like a gray cloud in the kitchen. I think it's the first time I heard him say anything negative about anyone. This makes her all the more unlikable.

- As the chefs are leaving the kitchen, the camera pans over to Stephanie and Dale's pork belly that hasn't been refrigerated. Did anyone else get an uh-oh feeling in their stomach then? And how much do you admire Stephanie for dumping it and for not completely freaking out?

- I felt sooooo bad for Dale for forgetting the pork. He looked like he was going to cry. And good for him for coming up with a good idea to replace it. He should be in the finals, but he came with his A-game for Stephanie.

- At the party at the governor's residence, Padma wore a dress that looks like a toga, and Gale wore a dress that showed WAY too much of her "girls." At least at judges table, she should have put on a little cardigan or wrap.

- I was a little surprised that Stephanie was doing blinis, because blinis almost got someone sent home earlier in the season. But she was doing them to order, which made a difference. And her description of using the ripe plantains in the blinis made it clear she had incorporated an idea of Dale's, to use the ripe plantains. It sounded like it was a success, as was the salad that incorporated crispy pigs skin.

- Of all the menus, Richard's appealed to me the most, but maybe that's because the dishes were the most familiar to me. I love how Richard talked about the stories behind each of his dishes, and how he gave them a local twist.

- I always watch the episode twice, and on the second time I noticed shots of Antonia and Nikki standing at a table that wasn't getting any traffic. Antonia knew her peas were undercooked, and by her deserted table, I'll bet she knew she was in trouble.

- Richard wins the challenge -- and a Toyota Corolla! How the heck is he going to get that car off of the island of Puerto Rico? Do you think they'll pay for him to ship it? They must. Anyway, his menu was the crowd's favorite and a unanimous choice by the judges -- a home run for Richard. He is going to be hard to beat in the finale.

- Antonia gets eliminated by undercooking beans and putting three dishes on one plate, like the rest of us peasants in the world. What a MAJOR, MAJOR bummer. I know they judge this on a challenge-by-challenge basis, but Lisa keeps avoiding elimination by being the second worst chef. I am surprised that at this point in the competition, they wouldn't consider that a little.

- As Richard and Stephanie are absorbing the shock of Antonia leaving, Lisa gives them a hard time for not congratulating her! She gets less and less likable every episode. If she somehow wins, it will a MAJOR disappointment -- worse than Ilan winning in season two.


Emiline said...

Oh, please don't let Lisa win! I don't want to be mean, but I don't like her hair. At all.

I thought Padma's dress was pretty, because she looked like a goddess, but I didn't like Gale's top. I remember thinking that when I was watching the episode.

Go Steph!

Laura said...

Yeek nervous for tonight! I freaked out at first when Stephanies pork was left out, but then was like "whatever they make to replace that dish will be the favorite" - and it was! Just like what happened with Sam/Marcel during Marcel's finale meal.

I'd absolutely love to see Stephanie win (rumors are that she's working on a new restaurant in downtown Chicago...maybe with her price money?!), but Richard is very talented in his own right. I personally believe that Lisa stayed because of ratings. I'm sure that's not true, but it feels like it.

Excited for tonight!!

Amy said...

I don't think the chefs coats hide anything. Stephanie definitely gained weight, even my husband noticed, and he's usually clueless. At one point I even said it was distracting me, I don't know why, I just kept focusing on her face. Some peeps have said Lisa lost weight, but I think the new 'do, just threw things off. For her, I think the coat may have made her look larger.

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