Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Chef Chicago - The Finale!

WARNING! Spoilers ahead ... don't read this if you Tivo'd it and you haven't watched it yet ...

YEAH!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of Stephanie! But dang, that was a close call! I was chewing my nails, thinking this result could be worse than when Ilan won.

I felt sooooo bad for Richard. He just overthought the challenge and tried too hard. I do wish it had been his "A" game against Stephanie's, and then we'd REALLY know who was the Top Chef. I have to admit, though, I thought, "banana scallops for the THIRD TIME!!!???" Wouldn't he want to show them something new? Even though he didn't win, I think being on the show had to be very good for his career. There's no question he's a great chef and was the front runner the whole time. And he's very likable. I hope we see more from him.

Oh, and one more thing. Eric Ripert is the sexiest chef EVER. Even a teensier sexier than Sam. Swoooooonnnnnn......


Jenny said...

Yay for Stephanie! Phew that was certainly a close call. I was going to be really bummed if Lisa took it. Steph really deserved the win and how great for her to be the first female chef!

I too felt bad for Richard. He is so nice, but kind of choked at the end. How crazy is that liquid nitrogen?! Wierd. I can't imagine cooking like that.

I would have picked Chef Ripert to be my soux chef too! That accent! Oooo la la.

Laura said...

Let's hear it for Stephanie representing for the ladies! I was so nervous too toward the end... I've been rooting for Stephanie since day 1 (in part because I knew of her and she's a Chi-town girl!).

But I agree - I would have liked to see a really good match up between Richard and Stephanie. I think they both really showed themselves as great chefs throughout the season.

I was surprised to see Lisa do as well as she did, but she did stick with what she knew. I don't think there was any wow factor to what she did.

Camilla said...

Second hip hip horray for Stephanie! Women chefs/cooks rock!!! I agre with Jenny about Richard, though--his food looked wonderful and he seemed like a sweet, genuine (and funny!) person. Lisa, by contrast, made me want to smash my TV.

Glad to know that you and Jenny are fellow Top Chef addicts (not that I'm all that surprised :))

Catherine Wilkinson said...

Don't hate on me, but I haven't gotten to see ONE show!!! I just read about from blogs! Yours are the best recaps! I save so much time! Thanks for a great!!!
Eric. Holy crap, he's a hottie!

Amy said...

I thought the same thing about the banana scallops, and told my husband that if it was anywhere close between Stephanie & Richard, the fact that he did them for a 3rd time would do him in. And we were dying when we thought Lisa could win. We would have boycotted the show forever.

And poor Richard, with his comment last week of "Congratulations, you won the F***ing bronze medal." Then to win it himself. He seems to have been thrown more for a loop by the no sous-chefs than anybody. What happened to the oysters with tabasco pearls that he was prepping, when Eric Ripert was over his shoulder?

Michele H. said...

OK, I didn't watch the show, but I saw this (show-related) and thought of your boys!

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Bravo is cooking up a spinoff to its "Top Chef" franchise that would feature teenage competitors.

In addition, the cable network has given an eight-episode order to an untitled docu-series that will follow chef Jean-Christophe Novelli as he opens a cooking school in Los Angeles.

"Top Chef Junior," which is in development, is a cooking-competition series that would feature contestants who likely will range in age from 13 to 16. Bravo said that "Top Chef," which aired its season finale Wednesday night, is a draw with younger viewers, ranking in the top 15 shows among kids/teens 2-17 in the Wednesday 10-11 p.m. slot among all ad-supported cable entertainment networks for the season to date.

Meanwhile, the Novelli series, which likely will premiere in 2009, will center on the chef, who has restaurants in London, France and South Africa and already has a cooking school in the U.K.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

Grace said...

hotter than sam? say it ain't so! eh, i wouldn't kick either one of 'em out of my kitchen. :)

Jodi said...

I was holding my breath at the end of the show... I think I would have thrown something at the TV if Lisa had won.

If you like Eric Ripert (and who in their right mind wouldn't?), check out his new website ( It is complete with cooking videos (oddly enough, centered around the use of a toaster oven). Who the heck cares what or how he is cooking though, as long as you can hear his voice! :)

Emiline said...

How 'bout that Dan Barber?

So glad Stephanie won.

That's the third time Richard has fixed banana scallops! How good could a banana be?

Also, what Amy said - what happened to icy Tabasco balls? Or whatever it was.

Daniela said...

I worked with Stephs ex-boyfriend for almost 1.5 years so I did know how a lot about the outcome of the show before it even started ;) but still, I enjoyed watching it and i am so excited for Steph!

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