Friday, May 02, 2008

Gig tomorrow at Wickham Farms!

I am in the process of writing my Top Chef recap but CRB has a gig tomorrow at Wickham Farms! Weather cooperating (cross your fingers!) we'll be playing on the porch on the right side of the picture.

I need to bone up on a few songs, particularly some new ones, including a Miley Cyrus tune we're doing just for the kids.

And while I'm on the subject of Wickham Farms, I have to do a quick plug for them. It's a great spot for families and anyone looking for some good chow.

In the real barn, with its great pine scent, there are ice cream choices galore -- 32 flavors of scooped ice cream as well as soft custard -- plus some really good baked goods, like homemade cookies.

In terms of "real" food, they have a limited menu with items that are well done, including a homemade, all white meat chicken salad that I think is the best in Rochester. Another favorite is the Farmhand sandwich -- three cheeses and bacon, grilled to gooey goodness on a panini press.

Anyway, kids can't get enough of the place -- there's miniature golf, playground equipment, and more.

So go for the gig, or go another day!

Back to practicing!


RecipeGirl said...

Looks fun!! Wish I could come :)

Prudy said...

We love Wickham farms and make sure to stop by everytime we visit family in Fairport. We'll be back this year again in September. I wish I could hear your band then! Maybe I'll get to see you there again. Hope so! Erin

Emiline said...

Good luck at the gig!
I wish I could stop by for some ice cream at Wickham Farms. I love chocolate chip cookie dough.

Lore said...

Looks like a great place. Have fun on your gig!

Karin said...

Have fun -- Music + spring weather + ice cream ... a equation for a perfect day. Looks like you have more flowers than we do, although it is warming up around here! I had my first fried pickle yesterday -- no joke, my friend ordered for the table. It was really good. Dipping sauces included a lime cilantro, an ailoi (sp?), and a roasted pepper and tomato. Maybe it's something to consider for the new fryer at Wickham farms?

Karin said...

Music + Spring weather + ice cream = a perfect day, in my opinion! Wish I could be there to join the fun. I had my first fried pickle yesterday -- my friend ordered for the table, much to my surprise. Dipping sauces included a lime cilantro, an ailoi (sp?), and a roasted red pepper. Something to consider for the new Wickham Farms frier??

Tracy said...

Hi all,

Thanks for the good wishes! The rain held off for us ... we had a few sprinkles just as we were ending. People had a good time, other than a couple of people who complained that we were too loud. There's always something, isn't there?

Karin, I'm not sure I've ever had a fried pickle. Nor have I had a fried Twinkie or a fried Snickers bar. Given the choice I think I'd do the Snickers bar. But as far as I'm concerned I'd like to use the fryer as little as possible.

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