Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finally, some good TV!

My favorite food show starts tonight! Even better, it takes place in my favorite city, Chicago! I will probably weep from homesickness over the food, the places, and the restaurants.

If you want to waste some time, here's a quiz that tells you which judge you're most like. Apparently I am most like Gail, who is bubbly and fun but also decisive. She doesn't seem to project bubbly and fun all that often, but I'll take their word for it. I'd rather be like Ted Allen, who seems to be the nicest.

While we're on the topic of Food TV, Anthony Bourdain had one of his best episodes of "No Reservations" this week. He returned to his old stomping grounds, Les Halles in New York City, to see how he'd fare working the line. The episode was pure Bourdain -- funny, informative and fast paced. Plus, Chef Eric Ripert decided to join in the fun.

I went to Bourdain's blog to see if he had written any more about the episode, and I couldn't read the darn thing. The type on his site is minuscule! This was ironic because part of Bourdain's problem on the line was that he couldn't read the tickets that came in. I left a ranting comment about the type, and a kind anonymous stranger quickly wrote back that pressing control + will get bigger type on the screen. Who knew? I thought I'd share the tip with all of you.


Emiline said...

Ha! That's cool! I just tried it. Very helpful.

I'm so excited about Top Chef!!!! I'm pumped up.

Anna said...

Yahoo! I can't wait!!

Anna said...

The quiz says I am Padma, so Tracy, Pack up Your Knives and Go Home!

I suspect if I'd selected "Elvis Costello" as the person to play me, I'd have been Ted Allen.

Deborah said...

I totally didn't know about that control + thing - too cool! Especially since there are a few blogs that I read that have TINY fonts.

I'm so excited for Top Chef!!

Tracy said...

I just realize that Marquette plays in the Big East tourney at 9 p.m. -- at the same time as Top Chef. And American Idol is on, which I watch with the kids. Such a dilemma! I decided I'll turn on the Marquette game at 10 p.m.

Emiline, cool trick, huh? I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know about it.

Anna, I took the quiz again and changed a couple of answers I was on the fence about. I was Gail again! I'll be watching her more closely now. I could never be the one to tell someone to "pack up their knives," or "you are out." It would give me ulcers ... or I'd cry for each person.

Sue said...

Tracy!!!! I didn't know that! That is awesome. I just did it here, but then it got annoying, so I figured out to do control- and it will make it smaller. This is fun, I just made it REALLY small..then I made it really big. I haven't had so much fun since high school!

You're right, I guess those chefs should have realized there would be some signature Chicago dishes required of them.

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