Monday, December 03, 2007

Random Stuff About Bourdain & My Band

I just read Anthony Bourdain's Overrated Menu. I love the guy. He's caustic, imaginative and funny. Whenever I read anything written by him, I get a total inferiority complex. Kinda like how I feel when I play music with the enormously talented people in my band ... which is a nice segue to mention that CRB's demo is done and we have a couple of fun gigs coming up. More info on CRB's MySpace Page. (If you want to try to pick me out on the demo, I'm usually the one singing the highest harmonies very low in the mix. The exception is "Who Says You Can't Go Home," during which I'm playing acoustic guitar and singing the low harmony.)

1 comment:

Emiline said...

I love Bourdain, too. I read that menu-pretty funny. I agree with a lot of the stuff he said.

I checked out the band's Myspace page, and...liked it! It's good ol' rock and roll music. I thought, Your Mama Don't Dance, was the best. Soul Man is always catchy, too.

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