Saturday, January 06, 2007

Weekend Dog Blogging and Blog Resolutions

I decided to make a few blog-related resolutions for 2007. The first is to participate in at least one blogging event. This post, if I've done it correctly, takes care of that resolution! It's for Weekend Dog Blogging, hosted by Sweetnicks. This is Charlie, who I've written about before, and it was taken on Christmas Eve. Doesn't he look like he's laughing? I think he's cracking up at his new "Good Dog" bone, because he's so full of mischief. I could tell many tales about his antics, but instead I'll just direct you to my post about our gingerbread houses. If you'd like to look at the other photos of dogs from weekend blogging (many are cute), go to Sweetnicks on Monday.

So there. One down. The rest of my blogging resolutions/goals:

1. Get a better template. When I decided to try to keep a blog, I messed around with some of the templates on Blogger and temporarily settled on this one. I loathe it. I want three columns. I want a cool title has some personality. I want better control over where my photos go. Blogger has a new version of its software, but not everyone on Blogger has access to it. I’m one of the unfortunate ones who doesn’t. I’m sticking around to see if I can get the results I want with the new version of Blogger. Otherwise I may have to figure out how to learn HTML.

2. Get better at food photography. While my camera isn’t the greatest, there’s a lot I can learn before I need to get a new one. Have you noticed a trend here? My weakness is is in anything that's visual. I think my problem stems from my career in advertising agencies, when I had roles in in account service, PR and writing. I never had anything to do with anything visual – that was left to art directors. And photography was left to photographers. My agency experience has given me an appreciation for what looks good. I just have no idea of how to go about creating it.

3. Decide on a focus. I like that the blog gives me the discipline to write on a regular basis, but I feel like I’m flailing about in search of a focus. I've gone from restaurant reviews to contests to recipes to spouting off in general. I’ve thought about talking more about kitchen tools and gadgets and what has worked for me and what hasn’t. I’m not sure whether I need to narrow my focus or not.

And I'm going to ask you, dear readers, to help me in that area. I'll give you incentive to do so. And I'll tell you about how ... tomorrow.

Edited to say ... the next day I announced my cookbook drawing for people who leave comments with suggestions. If you've added a comment to this post, I'll also include you in the drawing. Good luck!


Karen Buck said...

Well, I don't know about a need for focus...I just enjoy your blogs as they come, whatever is currently 'on your plate', so to speak :) I think a little randomness in subject keeps it organic and real. Your writing is so fun that whatever you're covering, it's a good read. I check in almost every day!

Tracy said...

How funny you should decide to comment today, because we just got back from the Dim Sum restaurant on East Avenue that you suggested a couple of months ago. We did what you said you do -- order several dim sums and one entree. It was wonderful! I'll do a full post about it, but I couldn't believe it was you that posted.
Thanks very much for the compliments. It's good to know.

Michele said...

I think your blog is pretty centered around all things "foodie," with a special emphasis on restaurants, but what do I know . . . Regarding blog software, Kevin and I just read about a new blogging program that is supposed to be really good -- I saved it at home; will send the name. I think the blog of the woman who is the CEO of the company is at, or something like that.

Alysha said...

Hi Tracy.

You asked about how to track visitors on your site. I'll PM you through the CLBB, if that's okay. :)

I hear you on the photography! I have a 4-year-old camera with 2MP and the basics. However, I was able to greatly improve my photography without buying ANY equipment - it just required a lot of patience and lots of playing around. I don't think it's possible to get the outstanding shots without better equipment, though. While I'd love to have a Digital SLR and other things, blogging is just a hobby and I don't want to spend much money on it - at least not at this point.

I enjoy your writing - your descriptions are wonderful. :)

Marie C said...

I don't think you should change anything. I agree with Karen that the randomness keeps this blog fresh!

Anonymous said...


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